Company overview

Wadi Finan Group is a family-owned business that was founded in 1920 in Jaffa and is a leading provider of quality ingredients, technical expertise, and know-how to the food industry.

With an extensive and diverse customer base, the company focuses on supplying a wide range of raw materials to various food industries in the Middle East.

Finan Group Building
Finan Group Old Building

A walk-through of Wadi Finan Group premises illustrates a unique mixture of culture with historical roots and a modern-day business venture. In 1922, the company witnessed the first contract between HARRIS OILS & GREASES Co. along with Wadi Finan Group Mr. Wadi Finan and his Brother Hanna; the co-founders of the company first established the base of this entity in Jaffa, Palestine.

After the Arab-Israeli conflict, the two owners moved to Jordan and Lebanon respectively, to establish W. Finan & Co. Jordan and W. Finan & Co. Lebanon. Both existent entities are family owned and are currently run by the third generation of the Finan family.

Company Policy

Wadi Finan Group is an exclusive distributor and representative of well-renowned multinational companies. Offering the highest levels of services and technical know-how of the food industry.

The company has had many changes in the products it offers depending on the times; we have worked in timber, reinforced steel, diamond cutting discs and heads, wire rod, hand tools, power tools, and hardware. For the last 20 years in the servicing and raw materials for the food industry in general.

Our principals are mainly from Europe. Many of our existing agencies date back to more than 15 years and some date back to more than 50 years.

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